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Care Supervisor

As you have decided to make a difference, you will join other like-mined and compassionate workers in Honor Care Limited team.

Please carefully read the job description of your interested role as this will give you a better understanding of what is expected of you when applying.

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This role is a roaming role from office to field in which you will be required to support, mentor and supervise carers including running of our home care service. You will also be responsible in providing home care assessments for new clients and review care plans for existing clients.

Is a home care supervisor role right for you?

Whether this role is next step on your career progression from being a care coordinator, or carer, you will receive full Honor Care Limited induction and relevant training. Preferably you will be NVQ3 qualified but if you have NVQ2 then you may gain NVQ3 in the role.

You will preferably be an A1/V1 qualified assessor nevertheless you can equally work towards this in the role provided you are the suitable candidate.


The key task will be to undertake clients’ needs, risk assessments, design and review care plans and implement changes as necessary as well as to match up carers to clients so that decent working relationships can be established.


This role is a pivotal contact for clients, carers, care coordinators and the manager.

You are welcome to contact our team and talk with the manager to gain a better understanding of the role.

This role is subject to an enhanced Diclosure and Barring Service (previously known as CRB) check.

Care supervisor may be required to be 'on-call' in case of customer urgency or carers needing support when the office is closed.

You will be required to have a full UK or EU driving license for this role.

Who we're looking for

You will be required to be an effective manager having full understanding of quality control and home care legislations and regulations and great organisation skills at all times.

You will be a highly approachable and professional person who is able to quickly gain a good rapport with new clients on their first care assessment visit, helping and reassuring them to understand our services and how we can help.

You will also be required to have sufficient working knowledge of the specific needs of our clients such as older people with dementia or those with learning or physical disabilities or mental health needs.


Your commitment to us and our clients

You will be responsible in ensuring that our clients receive best care through best matched carers.

Our clients solely rely upon your effective care planning whilst making sure that it is always updated, reflects their essential care needs and desired outcomes as well as to ensure that their personal wishes and feelings are seriously taken into consideration.

Our carers will rely upon you to always provide them with the best support, mentoring and relevant training, keeping them satisfied, happy and fulfilled in their role.


Honor Care Limited relies upon you to help people who are considering our services to see that we will provide the best care service.


More about the role

The role of Honor Care Limited’s home care supervisor is to assist our home carers in the field, carry out risk assessments and create care plans and for new clients, review existing care plans, help clients and their significant others as well as assist and train carers.

It will be your responsibility to assign the most suitable carers to our clients. Following the creation of a client’s personalised care plan, you will be required to make recommendations to the care coordinator taking into

consideration any specific requests such as cultural made by the client.

When you visit somebody who is considering Honor Care Limited’s service, you will be required to be able to swiftly create a decent rapport whilst reassuring people who are new to receiving care and also actively listening to their personal needs, wishes and feelings.


You are required to have a decent working knowledge of person-centred care and have the ability to establish good working relationships with other care professionals involved with our client.


You will be required to support the care coordinator or deliver care yourself or be ‘on call’ occasionally.


Other responsibilities include:

  • To ensure that all reporting and recording documents are updated

  • To ensure that any changes to care plans are communicated to the care coordinator with immediate effect

  • To identify and train an appropriate deputy as directed

  • To introduce carers to the client on their first home visit or call

  • To Implement quality control procedures and quality assurance process

  • To spot checking carers to ensure they are effectively working to the agreed care plan


Essential skills

  • Genuine compassion, respect and care for others

  • Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team

  • Excellent communication skills 

  • Excellent planning, timekeeping and organizational skills

  • Full understanding of home care legislations and regulations

  • Effectively manage and book reviews

  • Ability to work under pressure and cope with change 

  • Full understanding and commitment to empowering clients


Key Competencies

  • Excellent negotiation, risk assessment and care planning skills

  • To cope professionally and effectively with urgent and difficult situations

  • Ability to communicate effectively with others

  • To uphold high standards of home care provision

  • Ability to commit to own personal and professional development

  • Ability to cope with pressure and change

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